In the years before Galileo discovered the Earth rotated around the Sun; humans believed we were the center of everything. It was believed that the sun rotated around the Earth. In many past religions it was a God who controlled the sun and moved it across the sky. Galileo however, had other thoughts on the subject. He discovered the Earth moved around the sun. For this discovery he was convicted by the Catholic Church and sentenced to house arrest after being forced to recant his claims about the Earth rotating around the sun.

In one discovery Galileo challenged everything the church believed in. This scared the church and many believers. However, Galileo had many followers of his own; people who believed what he had shown. In his own home under house arrest, Galileo continued to believe what he had learned and continued to research.

I’m sure by now you are wondering what the title Perspective has to do with Galileo. Well, since his time we have looked at the stars differently. We have accepted the fact that the earth does indeed revolve around the Sun. We have a different perspective on space than the people of Galileo’s time. we know for a fact that there are many galaxies with billions of stars in them. Within those start systems are planets some of which are in the habitable zone. This means they could in fact support life.

That gives the possibility for millions of other life forms out there. The government has known this for some time now. Back in 1965 a document called “Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence” written by Lambros D. Callimahos was presented at a military conference. If aliens were not real and UFO sightings fake then why would the government hold a conference on it back in September 1965?

Better yet, why would it not be released to the public until October 2004 some 39 years later?  In the document it uses the term others in quotation marks and makes assumptions that they are far more advanced. Who are the others this document refers to? I have attached the article I refer to as well as the link to the NSA page I retrieved it from. Oh, did I forget to mention that? This document comes from the National Security Agency and was declassified as part of the Freedom of Information act in 2004.

NSA Site page for article



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