UFO Reports 1952

1952 was a big year for UFO sightings. The sightings were not just here in the United States, but all over the world. On the 24th of July 1952 in the Netherlands a UFO sighting was reported. According to a CIA Information report, at 6:30 (does not specify am or pm) “a big formation of “flying saucers” seen above Arnhem.” This report mentions that a woman and her four children witnessed the UFOs in formation before they disappeared off in another direction. The CIA report is blackened out on the subject line, place the information was received, and the date it was received. Why would the CIA be interested in a UFO in another country?

The only reason I could find that the CIA would be interested in what was going on with respect to UFO sightings in another country would be if similar reports were coming in to various agencies with in the United States. On December 9th of the same year an Office memorandum for the United States Government was sent out. In this memorandum it is mentions that one Irving Weston with the FCC was interviewed about picking up signals from UFOs.  H.U. Graham the one interviewing Irving Weston was looking to see if the FCC had heard any unexplained signals that could be connected to UFOs.

Mr. Graham continues on in the memorandum saying “Unless such signals were reasonably persistent or were causing interference to established services, it is unlikely that they would be intercepted). It would seem like Mr. Graham and whomever he is working with were concerned that the signals would be picked up. The memorandum continues on mentioning the amount of and locations of some of the FCC monitoring stations.

Why would the government be worried about the FCC picking up signals unless they already knew the signals existed? Have our government been in contact with Aliens from other worlds? These two incidents happened five years after the Roswell UFO crash. It is my belief that the Air Force had recovered an Alien craft from Roswell and in the five years following made first contact with Aliens. Since that time our government has made it a standard practice to cover up any reports on UFOs and aliens. In more recent times the access to UFO documents the US Government has in their possession has come more readily accessible. Below are the links to the two documents I mentioned above. Read for yourself and remember to keep an open mind.


CIA Information report

Office Memorandum for United States Government

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