Project Blue Book

When we hear the name project Blue Book you immediately think UFOs, Aliens, and government cover-up. Well you are correct. That is what Project Blue Book was. Project Blue Book started out in 1952 and ran until it was terminated on December 17 1969. Prior to being called project Blue Book it was Project Grudge in 1948 and Project Sign in 1947. These three projects are one in the same as we all know. The documents, pictures, video, and eyewitness testimony captured by the Airforce has been passed down from project Sign to Project Blue Book. For 22 years the Airforce has been investigating UFOs.

For 22 years the Airforce on directive of the federal government investigated UFOs and in the end they claim it was nothing. They pulled the plug on investigations and closed project Blue Book. After 22 years of investigating a total of 12,618 total sightings with 701 of them being unidentified they said enough.  A message that there was nothing out there to investigate was given to the general public. The interest in UFOs started to wean. This is what the government wanted. They wanted the people to give up on UFOs. They wanted it turned into a stigma that persists to this day.

Then on September 12th 1989 Mr. William S. Sessions Director of the Federal Bureau of investigations received a letter. In this letter I found something I had not known. Some of you may have heard this already and if you have, I ask that you let me know. Project Blue Book was still in operation. Twenty years after it was ended in 1969 project Blue Book was still running. The name had been changed to The New project Blue Book. A name, that was inspired and name approved by the United States Air force. This New Project Blue Book was a civilian run project so it claimed in the letter. It also says that many of the people from the original Blue Book project were working on The New Project Blue Book. These individuals consisted of former Blue Book investigators, pentagon employees, and other unnamed people.

Everything I have written here came from Subject project Blue Book File Number 62-83894 within the FBI Records: the Vault. Here is the link if you wish to read it in its entirety.

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