Blue Planet Project and President IKE

Some of you may have heard of the booklet referred to as the Blue Planet Project. In this book are detailed information on many alien species and where they are from. The book describes a great deal of information on The Invisible Government. The Invisible Government section speaks of Alien cover-ups and Majic plans. Majic for those who are unsure is also known as Majestic or Majestic 12.

Along with this are other headings such as Facts about Aliens on Earth – Code: Omnidata and The Antarian Connection – Code: Omnicord. Of all the headings in the book one stands out above the rest. The title is called: Some Kinds of Alien Life forms we know about, (An Anthropological Analysis). It is in this section that the types of aliens are revealed. Would it surprise you to find out that some of these aliens look just like us?

These beings are referred to as Nordics. They are described as being blond with blue eyes, or dark hair with brown eyes. Blue Planet project also mentions UNI-terrestrial. UNI-terrestrial is a collection of seven races that started life on Earth. Could this be why the number seven is so revered in Christian doctrine? The seven races are listed as White Race (Altair), Black race (Qizan)(Qal’at), Yellow Race (Tutakai Tikopai), Blue Race (Kasimar), Green race (K’Ushui K’hotan), red Race (Ahzdar), and the Golden Race (Caspan Jassan Paegan). It is my belief that the Nordic are the White race. What’s more impressive is who is given credit for writing this book.

It is said that none other than President Dwight D. Eisenhower is the author of Blue planet Project. It is said that Blue Planet Project are diary entries from President Eisenhower.  In a post on the IKE blog written by John Joyce it states that president Eisenhower went missing from the Smoking Tree ranch on February 17-24 1954. It has always been rumored that during this time IKE was at Edwards Air Force Base for a secret meeting with Aliens. It later came out that he was visiting the dentist for a cap that was chipped. There were no records of IKE ever visiting a dentist in the area.

Also, during the Second World War IKE spoke with Winston Churchill about a UFO Sighting. A declassified document released by the British government confirms there was an encounter with a UFO by the RAF.  This leads credence to the IKE and Winston Churchill conversation on the UFO sighting. Given President Eisenhower’s history with UFO’s is it not possible he is the author of the Blue Planet Project? If so then was it is intention for it to be released to the public? Below are the links to my sources. I have also placed a link to a site that you can download a copy of the Blue Planet Project for yourself.


The Ike Blog (Nov. – Dec. 2011)



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